Denali Deluxe Package

Denali Deluxe Package

THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES: (minimum of 2 orders)

  • 16 day meal package (Breakfasts, Lunches, Appetizers, Dinners, Drinks)
  • Trip Consultation
  • Round-Trip air taxi into base camp
  • Anchorage Airport Pickup
  • Round-Trip transportation to and from Talkeetna.  This includes 3 hrs. of van use to run errands prior to your departure to Talkeetna.
  • Base Camp Bucket- This food and entertainment cache is full of surprises. Stash it at base camp and enjoy all the goodies upon your safe return as you await your air taxi pickup. 
  • 1 Gallon White Gas
  • Base Camp Fee
  • Rigged Sled
  • 10 Wands

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