Ready to Ship

So, you are planning a trip "Outside" or maybe you live in the lower 48?  Are you tired of the boil in a bag alternatives?   You want real food for your next adventure, don't you?  Perfect.  All of the meals and snacks under this tab are suitable for shipping anywhere in the United States.  All "Ready to Ship" meals come in a ONE or TWO SERVING SIZE portion.  Our portion sizes are REAL, meaning you do you no longer have to buy the 2 serving meal to feed yourself.  You know what we are talking about!   PLEASE ALLOW A MINIMUM OF 10 DAYS FOR PREPARATION AND SHIPPING FROM ALASKA.
Our shipping rates are below and are based on the dollar amount of the order.   We ship USPS Priority Mail, which takes 3-5 days (not guaranteed).  

Order                     Rate  
$0-$24.99              $8.00 
$25-$49.99            $12.00 
$50-$99.99            $16.00 
$100-$299.99        $35.00
$300+                    $Free