Our Story

Dan                           Bryan                       Mark

Adventure Appetites, the idea, was conceived and fine tuned over a multi-year period while the owner, Dan Oberlatz, guided clients and cooked for them all over Alaska under his company Alaska Alpine Adventures!  Adventure Appetites, the business, opened the doors on May 15, 2012.  

Dan Oberlatz believes that creatively packaged, and Alaska inspired food has proven to be a critical factor in the success of Alaska Alpine Adventures.   So with the growth of adventure travel, and no shortage of outdoor-hungry Alaskans who get out A LOT, it didn't take long to realize that independent Alaskans (burdened with planning, purchasing, and packing food for their trips) needed Adventure Appetites! They just didn't know it...

Dan has owned and operated Alaska Alpine Adventures since 1998.  AAA has grown from a grass-roots guiding outfit based in Lake Clark National Park to one of Alaska's most prestigious adventure travel companies, leading year-round wilderness and road-based adventures throughout Alaska's vast wilderness. Prior to settling into his AK life in the early 1990's and starting a family, Dan spent 10 years in the food service industry excelling at a variety of positions.  

Bryan Caenepeel entered the game in 2011 as a guide for AAA.  Bryan has led over 4,000 guests through the state and became the Operations Manager for Adventure Appetites in 2012 shortly after the company's launch.  After cutting his teeth in the birth of Adventure Appetites, Bryan has gone on to launch his own small business, Big Swig Tours, highlighting the award-winning craft brewing industry in Alaska, while at the same time staying true to his guiding and adventure foody roots.  

Rounding out the Adventure Appetites team is our executive chef and consultant, Mark Stevens.  Mark is the owner of Stevens & Stevens Deli located on Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky.  As a classically trained chef, Mark is also a highly sought-after caterer in Louisville and is the go-to-guy for head's of state, celebrities, and old-money-blue-blood KY socialites.  You would kill to be on the short list for one of his Kentucky Derby parties!  Most importantly, Mark is a true Alaska explorer and has traveled with AAA from Gates of the Arctic to Lake Clark for the past 13 consecutive years!