Local Pickup Menu

All meals under this tab are only available for Local Pickup at our facility in Anchorage, AK.  All Local Pickup meals come in a ONE or TWO SERVING SIZE portion.  Our portion sizes are REAL, meaning you do you no longer have to buy the 2 serving meal to feed yourself.  You know what we are talking about!

Adventure travel in the wilderness of Alaska and beyond requires careful consideration of weight and bulk. Our Menu was developed and dialed over 15 years while guiding adventure trips to some of Alaska's most remote wilderness regions. Our vision and mission were simple - you shouldn't be forced to sacrifice taste and quality at the expense of weight while hunting, fishing, hiking, or boating in the wilderness. 

Adventure Appetites goes beyond the classic "meal in a bag" sitting on a shelf.  We use a careful mix of air dried meats, vegetables and fruits, artisan pastas and rice, and REAL SAUCES.  Meals are packaged and vacuum sealed to minimize bulk, waste, and odor which is critical for efficiency and safety. Veggies and meats are simply reconstituted in the field, blended with a starch (real cooked pasta or rice), and then folded with one of our hand crafted sauces. Bottom line - our creative and unique menu completely re-sets the bar for wilderness cuisine.  Menu items are based on a per person serving.

Click here for a list of items we carry in our Camp Kitchen Kit to prepare our meals.